Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Implementing the Socially Optimized Research Process Within the Classroom

What is the process that we as English Major go through as we research and write our papers?  Much of this processes has within it very little socializing and sharing of our ideas. The English major throughout the years has established within its structure a very specific way in which we research, write, and publish our papers.  This process that has been developed throughout the years has become a very individualized process where we as students do our own research, write our papers by ourselves, and then when the final product is complete, will turn them in to the professor who may or may not be the only person who will read our ideas and works.

Through socially optimized research, not only will this change the way we as English major do research, it will also allow us to expand and broaden our views and research as we seek to share our ideas outside the classroom setting.  This process has worked for many years in the past, but as we live in this digital age this individuality working process may not be the best way that we as student write our papers. 

Living in today’s society where the development of technological devices and advancements have been developed, it is clear that the way we do our research and writing for our papers as student is no longer practical or the best way to approach our education as students.  Though in the past due to the limited ability of sharing of information and research with other individuals, the technology that is available to us today allows us to share our ideas and research to a wider audience.
In this digital age it is necessary to share our ideas through connect with other individuals through various digital tools.  Social media allows us as English majors to not only expand our ideas with individuals outside the classroom through connecting with them through various tools such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, as well as other connecting tools that are available to us.  Through this process not only do we get to correspond with people other than our classmates, but it also allows us to develop our ideas.  

I have experienced this process first hand as I have taken Digital Culture this semester. As I shared my ideas and connected with different individuals online through various digital tools, my views on the research that I had conducted throughout the semester have benefited because of the various feedback on my research topic through connecting with other people through various digital tools.
Though it may take a while before  the process of writing a paper that we as English majors experience, once it become more of a socially optimized research we as college student can only benefit from it.