Monday, December 2, 2013

Project Proposal

Title: Examining the use of technology in this modern age and its effects on the relationships within the family.

Thesis: Though there are many negative attributes that are usually associated with technology and the effect it has on relationships within the family, I argue in this paper that technology, when used correctly, can improve and strengthen the relationships between parents and children in ways that were not currently available in the past.   Because technology is such a prevalent part of societies in general, most families on an individual basis are more likely to experience the positive aspects of technology within their relationships rather than negative because of the opportunities that living in a technology driven age presents as both parents and children become more familiar with the proper decorum concerning technology.

Relevance:This topic is relevant to most societies and individuals because of the widespread effect technology has had no only in the United States, but around the world as well.  Living in a time when technology is still relatively new, we as a society are still exploring some of the effects it has on societies in general as well as on the individual’s lives as well.

Format: 8-10 research paper.
 I plan to submit my paper to the symposiums here at BYU as well as to This call for Papers/Presentations.

Curation of Content:
I have been using Springpad
As well as google alerts to organize and save the articles and information.

Curation of Secondary Sources: Finding a wide rage of articles from being peer reviewed to newspaper articles to blog posts has not been a problem for me.  There is a lot of information regarding this topic as well.

Curation of community:
Google Plus communities I've joined: Social Media as well as Identity and Reputation in a Digital World.  Both of these communities are fairly active with people posting daily about links to articles and many discussions that are based around the digital culture. I have also joined some communities on Flicker that are also technology and digital culture based.

Social Proof: Social Proof for me has been the hardest part of this project.  It has been very easy to gain feedback from friends and family, as well as posts of Facebook. Twitter has been a little harder to gain the social proof.  I did manage to contact a co-author of a journal I found while researching and although she didn't comment on my blog posts she did give me the contact information to the author of the article so we will see what happens next.

I think the next step for me is to focus and gain social proof on my ideas, as well